Someones Are Actually Looking At Autism And PTSD

Could My Notion About How Trauma Gets Laid Down In Autistic Brains Be Right?

THIS MORNING, Spectrum announced that a piece by Lauren Gravitz from last September had won second place in the Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism. That piece? “At the Intersection of Autism and Trauma”, a look at the links between autism spectrum disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

For almost two months, I have been looking for a way to follow up a post I wrote about the “mini-traumas” of the monotropic brain. My reaction to the Gravitz piece was so intensely visceral, I gave myself a stomach ache.

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The Mini-Traumas Of The Monotropic Brain

Thoughts On Links Between Different Autistic Experiences

THIS BY NECCESSITY is less about scientific reality than about observing interesting patterns. I can’t speak to causation or, really, even any true correlation. It’s just that recently and quite randomly I had a string of thoughts I wanted to set down here.

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Hyperfocus Versus Task Switching

Thinking About Autistic Inertia In The Workplace

I’VE BEEN GETTING down in the dumps a bit lately, wondering why so many autistic people seem to think that being autistic comes with some set of “superpowers” when I feel like no one ever provided me with that particular handbook. I even bailed on a brief experiment in following autistic people on Tumblr because of it.

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