The Choice Between Social Work And Social Control

Continuing The Search For Help For The Late-Diagnosed #ActuallyAutistic

ONE OF MY BIG ISSUES these days is whether or not forms of psychotherapy designed for the typical necessarily work for the atypical. It popped up again this week in a Spectrum piece on OCD and autism.

Three of the callers mention CBT, which can help people understand and manage their obsessions and compulsions. As with other talk therapies, though, CBT isn’t always effective for people with autism. The therapy did not help Slavin, for example.

He suspects that he was unable to follow his therapist’s approach due to his auditory-processing difficulties and cognitive inflexibility, which he attributes to his autism. “Many people on the spectrum have a problem picturing a situation and picturing how it could have a different outcome, so traditional CBT doesn’t always work,” he says.

A couple of things to mention here.

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I Used To Be An Urban Goatherd, But Now I Am Nothing

FIVE WEEKS AGO after an epic autistic meltdown that then a colleague disparagingly reduced to “venting”, I took an unplanned and unceremonious sabbatical from the nonprofit I helped form back in 2014 as part of “rescuing” a herd of fourteen urban goats from being split up into their original pairings and sold off.

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How A Theatrical Puppet Killed Irony

‘All in a Row’ Playwright Argues That Human Diversity Lacks Realism

THIS WEEK has not, in general, been going well for the All in a Row team, with a producer complaining that they had a roll-out planned for Laurence but a “leak” ruined everything, the play’s official account complaining that it’s just that critics don’t understand theater, and the artist who conceived of the original incarnation of Laurence spotted laughing at him being referred to as “a sad little modern chimney sweep”.

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The Mini-Traumas Of The Monotropic Brain

Thoughts On Links Between Different Autistic Experiences

THIS BY NECCESSITY is less about scientific reality than about observing interesting patterns. I can’t speak to causation or, really, even any true correlation. It’s just that recently and quite randomly I had a string of thoughts I wanted to set down here.

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Liam Neeson, White Supremacy, And Making A Decision

Let’s Talk About Being Racist

You are racist because you were born and bred in a racist, white supremacist society. White Supremacy is, as I’ve said earlier, insidious by design. The racism required to uphold White Supremacy is woven into every area of our lives. There is no way you can inherit white privilege from birth, learn racist white supremacist history in schools, consume racist and white supremacist movies and films, work in a racist and white supremacist workforce, and vote for racist and white supremacist governments and not be racist.

Ijeoma Oluo, So You Want to Talk About Race

ALMOST TWENTY-FIVE years ago in San Francisco, I was jumped and beaten half a block from my apartment. It’s the one and only time in my life I’ve ever been assaulted.

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