The Exhausting Social Hussle

Even Doing Good Can Put Me On The Verge Of Tears

I’M COMPLETELY DRAINED by this weekend, which has not been my typical weekend.

I had to staff visiting hours at The Belmont Goats on Saturday as usual, which was steadily busy for the entire three hours, half of which I had to handle solo. Then I had to return to the field in the late afternoon to be interviewed by a local news station about the herd’s next pending move. Then I agreed to come back late that night to let them shoot the live introduction to that story from the barn instead of from the parking lot.

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Instagram’s Algorithm Hates Me And My Autism

How Losing The Chronological Feed Hurt My Nonprofit

BACK IN 2016, when Instagram announced it was Facebooking itself by abandoning the simple chronological feed and instituting an algorithm, they proclaimed that the move would “show the moments we believe you will care about the most”.

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So Apparently Autism Comes With Fatigue?

That Would Explain So Very, Very Much

COMING OUT OF a Sunday afternoon crash, I suddenly for the first time wondered if there were any links between autism and fatigue. I think that I mostly had just assumed that if my diagnosis had any bearing at all on my routine fatigue it would be as an aspect of my anxiety. But then, I finally asked myself, why does it hit even on days when my anxiety levels are not particularly high?

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The Worst-Ever Bathroom For Sensory Processing

This Post Alone Makes Me Queasy

I DON’T SEEM to have the same degree of sensory issues as do other people writing about their autism, but I felt the need to mention that this bathroom pushed nearly every wrongful sensory button. The curved floor, the tiny and perpetually-repeated tiles, the lighting, and the infinitely-regressing smoky mirrors all combined to make me feel like the room was constantly in motion. Leaving this bathroom was like walking off a ferry (I seriously cannot ride ferries) and needing to get one’s legs back. It’s quite possibly the single most nightmarish room I have ever been in.