Pop Culture Websites Are Garbage Trash

Reaping The Clicks By Refusing Even To Google

SUDDENLY folks are steaming over a newly-posted synopsis of the live-action adaptation of Akira, with Screen Rant, ComicBook, CBR, Heroic Hollywood, and Bleeding Cool all stoking the fires of fandom ire over a description published in Production Weekly.

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Sorry, Hannah Gadsby, But It Fucking Well Is The Autism

Exploding The Other Myth Of Being Autistic

#ACTUALLYAUTISTIC FOLKS on Twitter love to “explode myths” about autism, and they’re pretty good at it. They explode myths about communication, about empathy, about romance. If there’s a myth out there about autistic people, it’s regularly and routinely exploded.

There’s one myth, though, that they rarely seem interested in exploding, because I guess doing so wouldn’t fit the preferred narrative.

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The Devastation Of ‘Eighth Grade’

Notes On A Dirty Little Secret

LAST WEEK, someone on Twitter asked their followers what lines have stuck with them or even become part of their personal philosophies.

I came up with two right off the top of my head: “There’s only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.” (Kurt Vonnegut, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater) and “This is an awful place to be dropped down halfway.” (Richard Powers, Galatea 2.2).

The former can be too broadly read and misapplied to, say, defend tone policing, but really, for me, it simply speaks to a good place from which to start, and then let the reality of events dictate straying from the premise.

The latter I think can speak to or for anyone who feels as if they have been brought into a world that didn’t bother preparing a proper space for them.

There’s another line that’s stuck with me, a new one, that I didn’t bring up on Twitter because it’s been waiting for me to write about it at a bit more length. Several weeks ago I finally watched Eighth Grade, and it’s near the end, asked by Kayla of her father.

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How A Theatrical Puppet Killed Irony

‘All in a Row’ Playwright Argues That Human Diversity Lacks Realism

THIS WEEK has not, in general, been going well for the All in a Row team, with a producer complaining that they had a roll-out planned for Laurence but a “leak” ruined everything, the play’s official account complaining that it’s just that critics don’t understand theater, and the artist who conceived of the original incarnation of Laurence spotted laughing at him being referred to as “a sad little modern chimney sweep”.

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Recognition In ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’

I’VE ALWAYS got at least one rewatch going amongst all the current television I follow, and these days it’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—still the best Trek series, and Benjamin Sisko is still the best commander/captain. It’s more relaxed than my typical rewatches in that I’m comfortable skipping an episode here and there (somewhere in season two there’s inexplicably two Quark episodes in a row?) something I’m usually loathe to do.

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