Autistic Camouflaging Is Not Always Conscious

Especially If You Were Diagnosed In Midlife

I’M NOT SUICIDAL (I have my days where if the world ended I might not do more than shrug, but I’ve no interest in hastening the event), but buried in the Discussion section of a new study on suicide among autistic adults is a look at camouflaging that concerns me.

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The Catch-22 Of Being #ActuallyAutistic But Late-Diagnosed

Some Misadventures In Social Insecurity

THERE ARE TWO WAYS to get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, more or less.

  1. Accumulate enough of your own “work credits” before becoming too disabled to work, in essence having paid into the system enough to receive benefits.
  2. Become disabled before the age of 22 and have benefits calculated based upon the “work credits” accumulated by a parent, a scenario in which you are considered a “disabled adult child”.

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On Stimming And Smoking

Conquering Late-Diagnosis Imposter Syndrome

WHEN YOU ARE ACTUALLY AUTISTIC but late-diagnosed, you think a lot about whether or not you’ve been stimming for all those decades, or were suppressing your stimming because it didn’t match (as I’ve discussed before) society’s background radiation of conformity.

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