Misadventures In Conformity And Burnout

More On The Psychic Plaque Of Autistic Masking

IT WAS A BAD SIGN. Immediately upon leaving my apartment to go host visiting hours at The Belmont Goats, the brightness and heat of the afternoon sun of the ongoing heatwave was like suddenly being slapped across the face. I’d already announced we would be open. There was no turning back.

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Where Are My Autistic Superpowers?

Being An Outsider Even When It Comes To My Own Kind

IN ADDITION to this writing experiment (from which I’d been somewhat absent until the last couple of weeks), awhile back I tried a related one on Tumblr, where there’s an entirely different autistic community. It didn’t last long, and I wiped the few things I had posted or reblogged.

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Stray Thoughts About My Autistic Past

An Ongoing Post-Mortem Of Pre-Diagnosis Life

ONE CONTINUING OBSTACLE for me is the question of trying to look back over four decades to see if I can find signs of being autistic, or signs of how no one ever noticed that I was. It didn’t help when exactly the wrong person bluntly questioned my contention that I never knew there were diagnosable reasons behind difficulties I’ve had.

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Communications Breakdown

How To Not Talk To Me

THERE’S NOT REALLY any form of communication that I enjoy, per se. I suppose that I’m most comfortable with the sort of mass, meandering aimlessness of my Twitter feed, but that doesn’t exactly translate into utilitarian conversations such as those in the workplace, or, really, those involved in finding work to begin with.

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Inside Joss Whedon’s Unfilmed ‘Goners’

The World Has Forgotten About Her

Note: I originally wrote this a few years ago solely for myself, just to exorcise my thoughts. Last year, someone publicly posted a write-up of the script, and with the cat somewhat out of the bag, I posted these thoughts on a site I’ve since taken offline. I am putting them back up, as HBO PR has announced The Nevers.

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