The Oregon Zoo Should Acknowledge All Its Deaths

Why Their Non-Marquee Animals Get Short Shrift


This is a thing that every pet-owner knows, whether or not they’ve yet to go through the experience. Animals get sick, animals get hurt, and animals die. It’s a given that this is something zoos have to deal with, too.

Recently, it’s been bothering me that the Oregon Zoo never really discusses this basic fact of animal life until and unless a death involves one of their marquee animals — say: elephants, lions, or polar bears. The deaths of other animals under their care don’t seem to rate.

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Introversion, Autism, And Avoiding Stigma

How Not To Throw Your Children Under The Bus

I FIND FASCINATING the suggestion that introversion might have some relation to autism because before my diagnosis the elements of introversion resonated with me, and I found it a useful tool to manage certain social stresses, both in terms of how I dealt with them internally and how I justified my reactions to the world and to other people. Introversion was my only toolkit.

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Today I Learned About Autistic Burnout

In Which My Pre-Diagnosis Life Haunts Me Post-Diagnosis

MORE ACCURATELY, I learned of autistic burnout last week, but set it aside for this week as something to read up on. It turns out to be useful new knowledge as lately I’ve been thinking a lot about life post-diagnosis as compared to life pre-diagnosis.

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events

This Life Is Like A Rollcoaster Baby Baby

THIS WEEK BEGAN in stress. It began with difficulty. “Today,” I wrote on Twitter on Monday while linking something I’d posted here, “is hard.” This post is long. You won’t read it. That doesn’t matter; I needed to write it.

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