So Apparently Autism Comes With Fatigue?

That Would Explain So Very, Very Much

COMING OUT OF a Sunday afternoon crash, I suddenly for the first time wondered if there were any links between autism and fatigue. I think that I mostly had just assumed that if my diagnosis had any bearing at all on my routine fatigue it would be as an aspect of my anxiety. But then, I finally asked myself, why does it hit even on days when my anxiety levels are not particularly high?

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The Worst-Ever Bathroom For Sensory Processing

This Post Alone Makes Me Queasy

I DON’T SEEM to have the same degree of sensory issues as do other people writing about their autism, but I felt the need to mention that this bathroom pushed nearly every wrongful sensory button. The curved floor, the tiny and perpetually-repeated tiles, the lighting, and the infinitely-regressing smoky mirrors all combined to make me feel like the room was constantly in motion. Leaving this bathroom was like walking off a ferry (I seriously cannot ride ferries) and needing to get one’s legs back. It’s quite possibly the single most nightmarish room I have ever been in.